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"Lights, Camera, ACTION! " Eblast Example:

DPC100 - Adjustable Table Top Multi Point Clamshell Sealer

This table top sealer utilizes the same technology and quality components that have made the DPC10 the industry standard while meeting the requirements of adjustability and simultaneous multi-point sealing.
DPC50 - Vertical Clamshell Sealer

The DPC50 is a unique in the market because 1 person can seal any typical size clamshell with no adjustments. This is accomplished by placing the flexible positioning sprints just above the heating surfaces, holding the clamshell in position with one hand, and pushing down on the handle with the other hand for 3 seconds.
DPC50 - Vertical Clamshell Sealer

The clamshell can be easily rotated to see other sides as desired. The stand unit includes a 6 receptacle power strip and 3 heater assemblies, each with a heating surface of 3/8" long and ¼" wide. Additional heater assemblies can be added to accommodate longer clamshells.
DPC100 - Adjustable Table Top Multi Point Clamshell Sealer

This sealer can be used to weld OPS, PSP, PVC, EPS cases and is ideal for clam shells. It is a fast, easy to use, inexpensive alternative to ultrasonic or radio frequency sealing.

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