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Portable Intelligent Metering

There have always been significant inefficiencies and sources of confusion and error that occur throughout the testing and reporting process of:

– power monitoring studies,

– scheduled predictive maintenance testing, and

– process evaluation studies.

For large studies, the test manager might design a plan beforehand and document a routing list for a single tester or create a large list of all the points for a multi-point study. He might also rely on the notes or memory of the tester to understand and identify the test results as they come to him.

As the number of test points increases, however, the difficulty of doing the test efficiently and without error increases dramatically. Summit Technology, a leading designer and renter of portable power analyzers has seen this problem for years and has taken the breakthrough step of embedding the test plan into its portable test equipment. Embedding the plan into the equipment improves efficiency and eliminates errors and confusion throughout the testing process: from test plan design to recovery of the data.

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